Datacenter & BIO Experience

‘Can architecture reduce the consequences of AI and harmonize with nature? 

This ‘Data Center of the future’ is designed (SA DESIGN & Vitaal Architectuur) to experience biomimicry and sustainable technology. It is inspired by nature and shaped with the help of AI.

Talking about AI (artificial intelligence) we are dealing more and more with the challenges of the rising demand for energy-intensive data centers. Because AI requires a lot of electricity. In fact, the training of the GPT-3 (AI chatbot) used as much electricity in 34 days as 333 regular Dutch households use in a whole year.

The ‘oldfashioned’ data centers need a lot of cooling and a lot of space in our surroundings what makes a big impact on our environment: the way our environment looks and the m2 the datacenters use. This leads to an important question: ‘Can we make AI and nature work together through architecture? While architecture alone can’t solve all the issues associated with data centers, the ‘DATA Bio Experience Center’ aims to minimize problems and harness nature’s strengths with Biomimicry principles.

The incorporation of sustainability, biophilic design and the golden ratio further enhances the connection between humans and nature, promoting well-being and health with biobased materials.